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Lincoln's Eulogy from Take Care, Sara

I know eulogies are supposed to highlight all the things we love about the people we've lost, but I can't do that, not with Cole. We all know everyone loved Cole. We all know all the many ways and forms he was awesome, and yes, we all know he will be insanely missed. So I'm not going to get into any of that. Instead I'm going to highlight all the ways he was annoying, all the ways he drove me crazy, all the ways he pissed me off, because honestly, that is what I will miss the most about him; all the ways he aggravated me. I'd give anything to have him punch me in the arm one last time or try to trip me as I walk past, and most especially, be handed a cup of that awful gas station coffee he knew I loathed and still brought me every day we worked together.

I compiled a list of the ten most irritating Cole-isms. I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me on these.

1. He always took the last helping of mashed potatoes. That really irritated me. I mean, he was smaller than me, so he shouldn't have needed to eat more than me.

2. His singing. It was terrible. I think he purposely sang off-key just because he knew how much it bothered me. No one can sing that bad without trying to.

  3. His love of Peeps. I mean, really? Those are the most digusting things I've ever tasted. How could he enjoy those? It's like shoving a wad of sugar in your mouth and letting it dissolve on your tongue. It makes me shudder thinking about it.

4. The movie Titanic. I apologize to those of you who like the movie, but Cole just ruined it for me, he really did. He watched that movie every single time it was on TV. He said it was because of the ship, but really, I know it was the love story that had him hooked. And I know this 'cause I saw him tear up a time or two, even though he tried to hide it. Guy was a closet sap.

5. Snowmobiling. Don't get me wrong: I love snowmobiling. Just not with Cole. He had to race against everyone, which isn't all that bad, but damn, the guy never lost. Can I say damn? No matter how many times I raced him, I lost. As did all of you unfortunate enough to decide to go against him.

6. His laugh. Cole was gifted with the laugh of a horse. No lie. It sounded like he was whinnying every time he thought something was funny.

7. Cole's lack of cavities. This brings me back to the Peep thing. How can someone eat so much unhealthy food and never get a cavity? I was going to say good genetics, but then where does that leave me? Shafted, like usual.

8. How he always stood up for me growing up. Sure, he let me fight my own battles, but when I couldn't, he was there, and even when I didn't want him to be, he was still there. Always watching. Always making sure I didn't get my ass kicked. Can I say ass? Anyway, sometimes I didn't want him around because I thought it made me less of a man to have my older brother hovering, even though I was glad he was there, which also made me mad. Apparently I was a confused kid.

9. Grandma Lena. No matter what I did, didn't do, said or didn't say, Cole was her favorite. She told everyone it was because he wasn't loud like me, but really, I think she was just a sucker for his baby blues. Those eyes got him out of trouble more times than they should have. Whatever it was, yep, shafted again.

10. And what I really hate about Cole the most is that he's gone, and I can't tell him any of this. He was my brother, my best friend, the one I looked up to more than anyone else, the person I strove to be the most like, and now there's this void where his light should be. So, yeah, most annoying thing about Cole is him not being here. Not in the literal sense, anyway. He'll always be here, in my heart. Pain in the ass, pain in the heart; both of which I gladly endure. Sorry about the ass thing again.

Love you, Bro.


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Eclipse Reviews: Character Interview: Sara Walker from Take Care, S...

Eclipse Reviews: Character Interview: Sara Walker from Take Care, S...: Also today we have Sara Walker from Take Care, Sara by author Lindy Zart. Let’s find out more about her. Bio: Sara Walker: Marri...

Sassy Cassie's Reviews: Take Care Sara blog tour!

Sassy Cassie's Reviews: Take Care Sara blog tour!: Book Info- Title- Take Care, Sara By- Lindy Zart Expected Publication Date- June 6th, 2013 Genre-Women’s Contemporary Fiction/R...

Street Team Bob's News and Giveaways: Meet Lindy Zart, Sara, and Lincoln

Street Team Bob's News and Giveaways: Meet Lindy Zart, Sara, and Lincoln: I promised you all you would get to meet this incredible woman, and I am here now to deliver!  With no further ado, here is the About the Au...

Street Team Bob's News and Giveaways: Take Care, Sara - By Lindy Zart

Street Team Bob's News and Giveaways: Take Care, Sara - By Lindy Zart: As most of you know, I am hosting my first ever blog tour stop.  I didn't do this for just anyone, but we'll get back to that later...

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Cover Bound: Your Turn to Be Charmed by Lindy Zart

Cover Bound: Your Turn to Be Charmed by Lindy Zart: My Review of Charmed by Lindy Zart Synopsis On the day Taryn turns eighteen her life changes. A black-eyed man with a chilly aur...

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goodreads giveaway for Take Care, Sara

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart

Take Care, Sara

by Lindy Zart

Giveaway ends July 24, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Events for Take Care, Sara

Lots of "stuff" coming up soon, and all involving Take Care, Sara! May 18th is the cover reveal, June 1 - 14 is the blog tour, with June 6th as the release date! There will ALSO be a release day party for Take Care, Sara on June 6th. Phew! I am SO glad Melissa and Lana from Girls *Heart* Books are overseeing all of these events because, really, I'm not woman enough to keep them all straight. They're doing a FANTASTIC job so far! Check out the events on facebook and soon-to-be listed blogs. Peace out.

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Kayla the Bibliophile: Lindy Zart

Kayla the Bibliophile: Lindy Zart: Let me start off by saying that if Bianca was a real person, she would be my bff. Dating Husbands is a hilarious book about a woman name...

fb 1900 likes contest winner

Ashley MacDermott won an ebook of mine! chose the number 7 and she was the 7th person to post. Please email me:

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New Charmed Cover by Marcy Rachel Designs


Shirletta Armstrong at tagged me for this and I will tag two authors after me.

1. What is the working title of your next book?

Take Care, Sara

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

I wanted to write a story about how a person would be when they blamed themself for something that was ultimately out of their control and how they learned to heal and move on from it.

3. What genre does your book fall under?


4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

Sara = Anne Hathaway, Lincoln = Matt Davis

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Holding on isn't holding on; it's letting go.

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I started writing this years ago and set it aside. I'd say for actual writing time (and I'm not done yet, but close) it's taken roughly four months so far.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I wouldn't. It's mine.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

That "what if" question we writers always have in our heads. I do, anyway.

10. What else about the book might pique the reader's interest?

I wrote it, therefore it's AWESOME. That's all you need to know.

Two authors to check out after me. Their Next Big Thing posts will be two weeks from today: Eric Johnson at and Melissa Stevens at

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Rafflecopter Winners

Tami Peterson - signed bookmark

Bridget Blood - ebook of mine

 Tabatha Parfait - signed bookmark

Please contact me at my email address:

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Doubting Yourself

I don't know if it's "cool" or not to talk about your insecurities. Probably not. I never said I was cool. Simply AWESOME. Or maybe I'm cool by NOT being cool? Enough rambling. Onward!

So I feel the need to write, but I need a break from my novel, I am. Whining. To you. Whoever you may be. Maybe no one will read this and I'll be whining merely to myself. I do that.

My doubts: Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it, if it's going to go anywhere, if I'm wasting my time. Maybe I'm really not that great of a writer. Maybe people just say I am 'cause, I don't know, they're super nice? Whether I make it big or not, I will continue to write, but that naughty voice inside my head (isn't that my BRAIN?) sometimes tells me I'm NOT going to make it big. It also tells me I'm not Gerald Butler's wife, so I don't know how truthful it really is, since, ya know, I'm his wife and all.

My goal, my dream, is to be a New York Times Bestselling Author. I want to write full-time, make a career out of it. It's what I love to do. It's part of me. Who I am. I MUST WRITE.

So, yeah, I don't know why I"m blathering on about this. It's not like anyone cares. And anyway, regardless of what happens, I'll continue to pour my heart and soul onto the pages of a book and if it means something to ONE person, then I guess I'm doing what I should be doing, even if that one person is me. Even if I'm the only one that reads it. But I won't be, in either instances. So...back to the book.

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Ultimate Swag Pack Winner chose the number 34 and Ashley MacDermott was the 34th person to enter the contest. She won the following: 1 signed print copy of Charmed Again, 2 signed bookmarks, 1 magnet, and a Charmed tote. Please email me your address, Ashley. Congratulations!

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Contest Winner #16

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Contest #7 Winner

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Winner Contest #6

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Contest #1 Winner

Contest #1 Winner is Tiffany Cooley Alfson. produced #29 and your post was the 29th. You won the following ebooks from the Mobster Series by Amy Rachiele: Mobster's Girl, Awakening the Mobster, and The Mobster's Vendetta. Contact me here:

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Get Safe and Sound for $1.50

Use this coupon code through to get an ebook copy of Safe and Sound for $1.50: ZE72R

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Five Charmed Facts

Fact #1: Charmed was written with the intent of being a stand alone. I had no desire to make it into a series. My readers made me do it.

Fact #2: "Manang" is Man + Angel = Manang

Fact #3: I wrote Charmed over four years ago and went back less than a year ago and REwrote most of it.

Fact #4: I found all the names of the Manangs in a baby name book. I also found Urian in a book, but I don't remember which one.

Fact #5: The original ending was much different than the current. Creed died by taking a Sacrificial Oath to give his life essence to Luke, who was also dying. Taryn would have lost them both if he hadn't. Always selfless, that was Creed. By doing that, Luke lived and also had a part of Creed with him. Taryn never had to choose; she got to have a piece of both of them.

Tribute to Bridget Zinn

This is a lady who had a dream to have her work published. Her dream has come true, but she is no longer with us to see it happen. Bloggers are spreading the word today as a tribute to her work and her memory. I am honored to be a part of this.

We're talking about "firsts" today along with "dreams". I've been writing since I was twelve (roughly) and I remember how I felt the first time I put a pencil to paper and wrote a poem. It's an amazing feeling to create something; there's a rightness, a sense of peace, about it. Be proud of every word you write; it's uniquely yours.




Sixteen-year-old Kyra, a highly-skilled potions master, is the only one who knows her kingdom is on the verge of destruction—which means she's the only one who can save it. Faced with no other choice, Kyra decides to do what she does best: poison the kingdom's future ruler, who also happens to be her former best friend.

But, for the first time ever, her poisoned dart…misses.


Now a fugitive instead of a hero, Kyra is caught in a game of hide-and-seek with the king's army and her potioner ex-boyfriend, Hal. At least she's not alone. She's armed with her vital potions, a too-cute pig, and Fred, the charming adventurer she can't stop thinking about. Kyra is determined to get herself a second chance (at murder), but will she be able to find and defeat the princess before Hal and the army find her?

Kyra is not your typical murderer, and she's certainly no damsel-in-distress—she's the lovable and quick-witted hero of this romantic novel that has all the right ingredients to make teen girls swoon.


Purchase your copy




IndieBound <>



Powell's Books <>


Add Poison to your Goodreads pile! <>


About Bridget Zinn


Bridget grew up in Wisconsin. She went to the county fair where she met the love of her life, Barrett Dowell. They got married right before she went in for exploratory surgery which revealed she had colon cancer. They christened that summer the "summer of love" and the two celebrated with several more weddings. Bridget continued to read and write until the day she died. Her last tweet was "Sunshine and a brand new book. Perfect."


Bridget wanted to make people laugh and hoped readers would enjoy spending time with the characters she created. As a librarian/writer she loved books with strong young women with aspirations. She also felt teens needed more humorous reads. She really wanted to write a book with pockets of warmth and happiness and hoped that her readers' copies would show the watermarks of many bath time reads.

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Formerly Known As Lily

Since I published my recent books, interest has been drawn to the infamous book titled Lily; the one that shall not be named. At least, not in my presence. The reason for this: Lily was written close to seven years ago, was published five years ago, and it shouldn't have been. My writing has improved SO MUCH since it was published that it is an embarrassment to me to have others read it. So I warn anyone and everyone away.

Little backstory on publisher: Though the publisher shall remain nameless, I will say this...I was led to believe my work was chosen because it was GOOD and was unaware that the publisher put anything submitted to them into print. The royalty amount is basically nil and the editing really can't be classified as "editing". Also, it is not a traditional publisher as listed; more of a print-on-demand.

NOTE: Research these things before you publish. Don't be a Lindy. (I learned my lesson. I research now. So even though I'm still Lindy, I'm not A Lindy. You understand.)

So back to why I'm writing this post in the first place: Lily is going to be renamed, rewritten, and republished. Complete is the new name. Here is the new book cover. It will be available as an ebook until the rights for the print edition are returned to me and then it will be available in print as well. Roughly two years to go on that yet. 

Now you know the 411.

Bloodletting Blog: Lindy Zart Giveaway

Bloodletting Blog: Lindy Zart Giveaway: To go with the amazing interview of the author, Lindy Zart, we have a bunch of awesome prizes to pass out to anyone who likes to get free st...

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One More Chapter: Lindy Zart OMC Interview

One More Chapter: Lindy Zart OMC Interview: Click HERE for the giveaways. Is there anything you can tell us about your Work In Progress? -Title? Subject to change: Saving Sara...

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Suzy Turner: Monday Mortals: Lindy Zart

Suzy Turner: Monday Mortals: Lindy Zart: Today, I'm delighted to introduce author of Ordinary, Lindy Zart! Hi Lindy! Can you tell us a little about your latest book. Yes. I...

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One More Chapter: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart

One More Chapter: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart: Synopsis: This is Lola's story. She has a secret no one can know. Once a safe haven, her home has turned into a prison, and she fear...

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Writing Tip #2

Again, DISCLAIMER: This is MY opinion and others may not agree with it, but if they're smart, they do.

Here it is; one of the MOST important  things to remember while writing a story: you must have BALANCE.

There's a fine, tinny tiny, microscopic line between not enough information and TMI. I've crossed it myself, many times. Especially when I first decided to get serious about writing. *hangs head in shame* Like, when the character has to use the can: TMI. I mean, you can SAY they have to use the can, but do you really need to write about it, as it's happening? No! Okay, or maybe you do (?), but you understand what I'm saying. No? Well, let me explain then! (Note: I NEVER go into details about bodily functions too much, but that's me.)

Descriptions of physical characteristics, personalities, scenery, thoughts, emotions; all of it requires balance. Of course you need to go into detail about all of those things so the reader feels connected to the story (which in turn makes the reader LOVE you, by the way), but you don't want to drone on and on about every leaf of a tree, each detail of the fabric of a couch, etc. You also want to give the reader an idea of what you picture in your mind as you're writing. They can't see what you see; you have to SHOW them. Oh! Another thing to touch on: Show versus Tell. That's another tip post, sorry.

You learn as you go. No matter what, keep writing. Anywho, I'm keeping this short, so I don't bore you. Peace out.

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Saving Sara WIP

Saving Sara

Writing Tip #1

So it just came to my attention that maybe I could use my powers for good and offer some writing tips (WHY I never thought of doing this before on my blog is BEYOND me), so here is my first tip for any and all writers. Keep in mind, this is MY opinion, and to me, it's the right one, but to others it could possibly NOT be (and obviously they know nothing). Anyway! Here it is:

Find your voice and hone it. It is your gift to the world of readers. At first you may stumble, try different ones, and fail indefinitely in your quest to capture your true writing style, but when you find the one that fits you, you'll know it. Because, well, you'll write better. Mine is kind of snarky at times, and of course, funny, and even maudlin. But it's ME. You'll get yours too.

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One More Chapter: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart

One More Chapter: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart: Synopsis: This is Lola's story. She has a secret no one can know. Once a safe haven, her home has turned into a prison, and she fears if...

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One More Chapter: Charmed (The Charmed #1) by Lindy Zart

One More Chapter: Charmed (The Charmed #1) by Lindy Zart: I got this book a couple weeks ago for my Kindle. It took interesting enough, so I put it up towards the top of my "TO READ" list (some b...

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Platinum Book Reviews: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart

Platinum Book Reviews: Safe And Sound by Lindy Zart: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Review done by: Tina Cochran Hargis (Reviewer Name: Tina Marie) ~~ ...

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Book Worm Brandy: Review: Ordinary by Lindy Zart

Book Worm Brandy: Review: Ordinary by Lindy Zart: SUMMARY (Amazon) There are three kinds of people in the world: those who are alive, those who are undead, and those who can see the und...

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ebooks for 99 cents

My ebooks are 99 cents for the next month in celebration of my facebook author page reaching 500 likes. Get your copies!

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Review: Love You More By M. L. Stephens

Love You More (Broken Series)


In life she found love, but can she hold on to it in death?

Her life was fabulous, until she was murdered, but now she knows. There are only two things in a person's existence that truly matter—before and after. This is Jade's after.

Caught in a realm between life and death, Jade is torn between the unexpected love of a stranger, catching the people who killed her, or remaining true to the man she was meant to marry.

With the clock ticking, she struggles to find a way to save the life of her best friend, while deciding which man will claim her heart. One wrong decision could leave her stranded in limbo for all of eternity.

A friend, a fiancĂ©, and one unexpected stranger…which will she choose?


This book had a lot of twists to it and kept me guessing and trying to figure out what was happening to the characters, which is good. I like books that aren't too obvious and make me think. There was sadness to it, but also joy. The ending is a major cliffhanger, so of course I have to read the next one. LOL. Enjoyable read!

Enter rafflecopter to win copy of Safe and Sound

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<script src="//"></script>

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Why I Don't Write About S-E-X *gasp*

I've had people ask me why I don't have sex scenes in my books. I've also had people suggest I do so in the future. I don't have them for two reasons: I feel they take away from the actual STORY, and really, I don't want my grandma or my mother or any other relative or friend reading that and visualizing ME writing it and/or wondering if I'm writing from my own experiences.

So there you have it. If you're looking for hot and steamy sex scenes, DON'T read my books. If you're looking for entertainment and a story that makes you feel emotions, READ MY BOOKS. That is all.

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Lindy Zart Week

Delphina of 'Delphina Reads Too Much' was kind enough to offer to have a Lindy Zart Week on her blog. So you know she's awesome. Go check her out. She is also on facebook.