Saturday, February 23, 2013

Writing Tip #2

Again, DISCLAIMER: This is MY opinion and others may not agree with it, but if they're smart, they do.

Here it is; one of the MOST important  things to remember while writing a story: you must have BALANCE.

There's a fine, tinny tiny, microscopic line between not enough information and TMI. I've crossed it myself, many times. Especially when I first decided to get serious about writing. *hangs head in shame* Like, when the character has to use the can: TMI. I mean, you can SAY they have to use the can, but do you really need to write about it, as it's happening? No! Okay, or maybe you do (?), but you understand what I'm saying. No? Well, let me explain then! (Note: I NEVER go into details about bodily functions too much, but that's me.)

Descriptions of physical characteristics, personalities, scenery, thoughts, emotions; all of it requires balance. Of course you need to go into detail about all of those things so the reader feels connected to the story (which in turn makes the reader LOVE you, by the way), but you don't want to drone on and on about every leaf of a tree, each detail of the fabric of a couch, etc. You also want to give the reader an idea of what you picture in your mind as you're writing. They can't see what you see; you have to SHOW them. Oh! Another thing to touch on: Show versus Tell. That's another tip post, sorry.

You learn as you go. No matter what, keep writing. Anywho, I'm keeping this short, so I don't bore you. Peace out.

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