Monday, March 11, 2013

Formerly Known As Lily

Since I published my recent books, interest has been drawn to the infamous book titled Lily; the one that shall not be named. At least, not in my presence. The reason for this: Lily was written close to seven years ago, was published five years ago, and it shouldn't have been. My writing has improved SO MUCH since it was published that it is an embarrassment to me to have others read it. So I warn anyone and everyone away.

Little backstory on publisher: Though the publisher shall remain nameless, I will say this...I was led to believe my work was chosen because it was GOOD and was unaware that the publisher put anything submitted to them into print. The royalty amount is basically nil and the editing really can't be classified as "editing". Also, it is not a traditional publisher as listed; more of a print-on-demand.

NOTE: Research these things before you publish. Don't be a Lindy. (I learned my lesson. I research now. So even though I'm still Lindy, I'm not A Lindy. You understand.)

So back to why I'm writing this post in the first place: Lily is going to be renamed, rewritten, and republished. Complete is the new name. Here is the new book cover. It will be available as an ebook until the rights for the print edition are returned to me and then it will be available in print as well. Roughly two years to go on that yet. 

Now you know the 411.

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