Saturday, May 3, 2014


I'm terrible at keeping up to date on the blog. I find myself gravitating toward the temptation of Facebook to post all my necessary information on. I'm so bad. I'm making myself post all pertinent info on here today (or at least what I remember to), because I know I should. Here goes...

1. The Anything But series was signed with Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly Publishing a few weeks ago. This is exciting news for me. Ordinary will be re-released through them in September, Unremarkable in November, and Insignificant has a release date of January 2015 with CHBB.

2. Complete is in paperback! Be sure to get your copy if you haven't. I am also placing a book order soon, so if you would like to purchase signed books from me, message me. I accept payment through Paypal.

3. I am having a signed paperback giveaway of Incomplete and Complete when my Facebook author page reaches 7,100 Zartians, which it is close to achieving. If you can send anyone over to the page, I'd appreciate it.

4. The eBook version of Incomplete is currently 99 cents through Amazon, so I'd snatch that baby up if I were you.

5. I'm aiming to have my WIP, Unlit Star, be my next release. I'm tentatively saying this fall, but I'm really going to try to get it to you this summer yet. I'm over halfway to my word count goal. I might be able to do it! I'm posting teaser pics of it below.

Thank you and Happy Reading!

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