Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thoughts on Incomplete and Complete

Complete is releasing in three days. I know! Crazy!

One thing I found out after I published Incomplete is that 1.) People don't like sequels, and 2.) People don't like waiting for sequels. That being said, I think Complete is worth the wait. And it's worth being a sequel.

 Originally I thought of putting Grayson and Lily's story into one book and having it be told by alternating POV's, but I realized it would be a SUPER long book. The longer the book; the more it costs; the less likely people will be to buy it. THAT'S why I decided to make it a two-book series.

Anywho! I can't wait to share Complete with you, and as such, I'm posting some of what others have said about Incomplete and Complete. Enjoy!

There are few authors that can truly convey angst quite like Lindy Zart. - Miss Construed on Incomplete

This book will break your heart more than once, repair it a little and then break it all over again. - Goodreads review of Incomplete

I had a serious book hangover when I finished this. I was emotionally drained (in the best possible way). There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the story but I liked it. It gave the story dimension and did a really good job of displaying how emotional teenagers can be. - Goodreads review of Incomplete

Wow what a freakin' ride! This book had me cheering and screaming, sometimes at the same time! I loved the hero and the heroine equally. - Brianne Romance Book Addiction on Incomplete

Sometimes I read a book that stays with me for days, weeks, month, or even years… yes, years – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is one of those “years” books. Complete will also be one of those books. Lindy writes with so much emotion, it literally gives me goose bumps when I read her words. - Goodreads review of Complete

Oh My Grayson! - Beta reader feedback on Complete

 I enjoyed how most characters transitioned and or blossomed within the storyline. Towards the end of the book, you had me experiencing an array of emotions, which of course, made it an awesome read. There was one moment that I actually heard myself say " Oh, no she didn't" - Beta reader feedback on Complete

OMG OMG!!! I just read my absolute favorite line in the book! or in any book... my heart just dropped to my stomach! “You
weren't my first love.” He pauses and my heart cracks at his declaration. “You were my
only love.” - Beta reader feedback on Complete

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