Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update on My Self-Publishing Views (One year and three months after hitting "publish".) and Other Ramblings: Part One.

I am contacted off and on about self-publishing and what I feel the pros and cons of it are, so I decided to write a new blog post about it. You have my condolences in advance. Just remember, I would not be writing this post if not for the innumerable requests that I share my writerly wisdom. So, really, this is all on you curious people who ask questions and expect intelligent responses. Also, I would not be writing this post if not for wine; lots and lots of wine. I'm totally kidding. Maybe. You just don't know, do you?

The biggest PRO of being independently published, aside from being able to dub oneself as an "Indie Author" (because who wouldn't strut that?), is the freedom. I can write what I want, however I want, make the book any length I want to, and I can release it whenever I deem appropriate. At times, I want to dial up literary agents, friends, family, publishers, even people I don't know, and sing in the way of Toby Keith, "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!" Not to any specific people, of course, but to a general audience. And yet I refrain. Somehow.

I have been asked how I got successful and what I did to get here. First off, I don't consider myself successful. I know, I shouldn't be confessing such a thing. You always want the professionals to be confident in themselves, don't you? Well, that's unrealistic. Plus, whatever else I am or am not, I am NOT professional. I never said I was. I never want to be. I want to be me. Nothing else. Maybe a more monetarily endowed me, but me nonetheless.

*Warning: Ramble to Ensue*

Writers especially are seeking approval in some form and have that forever unattainable goal of perfection that will always be out of reach. Whatever you do, it isn't good enough. Wherever you are career-wise, it isn't where you want to be. Or is that just me? If you're a writer, chances are you sort of think like I do. If not, can we talk? (I am SO thankful for what I do have and for what I have accomplished; never doubt that. It's just...personally...for me...I have more to prove.) Prozac, anyone?

*End Ramble*

The biggest CON of self-publishing: You promote yourself. So, say, you are a nobody in the book world; like I was. (And still am, for the most part.) You gots to pimp it. You have to nag the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks out of book bloggers. You have to SHOVE your book at people. Be like, PLEASE review this book or I shall perish into nothingness! I mean, you can always try a less dramatic approach, but that is what I would go with, for sure. And then you wait, and hope maybe someone loves your work enough to tell others about it, but there is a chance they won't, and then you know, you move on because you sort of have to. With bottles of wine and stuff.

Am I glad I decided to self-publish? YES. Do I like to whine at times about how hard it is and how I wish it was easier and how I suck at writing and I can't believe anyone reads my work and I really should just stop writing altogether, but I love it too much and will write until I no longer can, even if I make absolutely nil on it, and is this a run-on sentence? YES.

Remember this if you decide to self-publish: It can be discouraging at times, so you truly have to love writing to go this route, but if you do, it is worth it.

Until next time. (This was slightly vague and didn't touch on all I wanted to and completely got off subject, but I shall be doing more of this in the future, so have no fear...or have a lot.)


  1. Love this, rambles and all :) I like that you touched on how writers seek approval. We do! And that makes being an indie author especially difficult because there is no publisher or agent to give you that seal of approval. And I love the picture!

  2. I will totally give you my number if you promise to call and sing Toby Keith songs to me hehe ;)

  3. Lindy - thank you so much for sharing your experience, I am one of those folks who are really interested in your knowledge of the self-publishing world. I am getting closer to finishing my book & I am trying to decide whether to try the tradition route of begging for a publishing house or jumping into the self-publishing fray, so I am grateful to hear your view point as someone who has been there.

  4. I'm not a writer but I enjoyed your rants and rambles. Thank you for sharing with us readers

  5. Love your books, Lindy - thanks for sharing :)